Taking a Bath In The Morning Or At Night?

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Shower twice or just once. At Morning or At Night. That’s the question!

Both have advantages.

The Pros of the Morning Shower

You can go without coffee. The morning shower improves circulation and blood circulation – much more effective than the third long coffee you rely on to open your eyes.

Relieves tension in the muscles. Do you wake up with a stiff neck? The hot shower helps to relax the tight muscles. (Preferably while doing the same light stretching exercises).

More recommended for oily skin. You know things get worse as you sleep. One (preferably cool) shower cleans the oily layer and at the same time closes the pores, protecting them from dirt outside.

The benefits of evening shower

The best way to relax after a work day. The shower after work lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

You will fall asleep faster. A quick shower before bed – with warm water, is a tried and tested remedy against insomnia. Why? Because it is soothing and causes the body to start releasing melatonin, signaling that the dream is near.

Sheets are not dirty. Even if you are the purest person on Earth, the dirt sticks. First to you, then to bed linen. Evening bath means that the covers will stay fresh for longer.

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