The Actors From “Friends” Are Still Making Millions From The Serial

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We all know that participating in a popular movie or series is the ticket to success, but many people may not be aware of how much money it is when the show reaches that super rare level of fame and profitability , like “Friends”.


Merchandising and DVD profits are probably already weak, but there is still one area in which Friends continue to make a record big money. And this is the so-called. “syndication”, or re-broadcasting over cable channels.

And all these “re-broadcasts” mean one – the money continues to run on the same basis – most of them are directed to Warner Bros., but an unusually high sum goes to the actors, which is one of the main reasons the show is so popular.

How important is the contract?

The actors have negotiated the terms of their contracts together, which also shows the power of collective bargaining. In the last two seasons of the show, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Krudou, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Shuimmer receive one million dollars for each episode – a deal that, among other things, makes the ladies from the team the most paid actresses in the history of television.

But this is not even the best part of the six friends contracts. In 2000, all six received a new clause in the contracts – 2% of so called – syndicates.

Typically, such a clause is provided to people from the acting team who are also involved in the production of the series.Which shows what a really good deal the six actors did.

Still rolling

Thanks to this condition, even in 2015, 11 years after the last episode of the series, it continues to generate approximately $ 1 billion each year in syndicate revenue. This means that each of the six “friends” each year gets $ 20 million – an excellent result for people who finished the show in 2004.

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