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The Country With The Cleanest Air

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The name is Finland

Finland is recognized for the cleanest air country in the world. This is the Yle portal, citing data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the data, the cleanest air is in Finland. The pollution is only about 6 micrograms of small particles per cubic meter, which is the lowest indicator of the planet. Among the countries with cleanest air, Estonia, Sweden, Canada, Norway and Iceland.

For comparison, in countries with dirty air the amount of fine particles per cubic meter exceeds more than 60 mg / cubic meter. The anti-rating includes Uganda, Mongolia, Qatar, India and Cameroon.

According to the representative of the Finnish Meteorological Institute Pia Antilla, there are many explanations why the air in Finland is the purest. For example, 75% of electricity is produced from renewable sources – sunlight, wind, etc. In addition, Finland has the widest flora.

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