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The Creators of The Chernobyl Series Are Considering Filming The 6th Series

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The official Facebook page

of the Kyiv Tourism Administration revealed information that the creators of the Chernobyl series are considering visiting the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and filming the sixth series of the series.

According to this information

The new series will not be a continuation of Chernobyl’s line of art, which has the highest possible rating in the history of IMDb – 10 out of 10. Even today, Chernobyl ranks first in this prestigious ranking, the average rating of the five series is 9.6.

New Episodes but 30+ years later

Should show what life is now in the Chernobyl zone. It is expected that real live footage will be shot by the CHECP, Pripyat and the zone of alienation, jargon called the Zone. Interviews with the actual participants in the Liquidation of the consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident are foreseen.

It would indeed be interesting to show what the Chernobyl Zone looks like in 30+ years after the crash, and to see if the sacrifice of Legasov and Shcherbin, and so many others, was not in vain. Recall that the HBO series “Chernobyl” caused a historic boom in visits. Searching for excursion routes in the alienation zone has increased by 40%. Guides tell that visitors are constantly asking them about the places and events they have seen in the show. English tours cost around $ 100 per person and the area is visited daily by over 7000 tourists, mostly foreigners.

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