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The Gary Vaynerchuk $1.80 Instagram Growth Strategy

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But at the end, the time and effort will be worth the time

Before you get started, do two things:

1.Get your self a text book or something else to record all the results. Its important!

First, make a list of all the hashtags that align with your work. What hashtags are people using to post content similar to your work? Use the search tab in the Instagram app to find ideas.

Then, make sure your profile is updated to align with this list. When someone interested in those topics looks at your profile, will they be interested in learning more about you? Some people even put those hashtags in their profile (they won’t be hashtag links on Instagram, but they will be links in Twitter). That works, too

Now you are ready to go. Here are the steps Gary Vee says to follow:

  1. Search for a hashtag in the Instagram Application.
  2. Instagram shows nine “Top Posts.” Read the description of the photos and watch the videos, then add something valuable to say in the comments. Share your 2 cents.
  3. Repeat this for a total of 10 times: 9 top posts x $0.02 comments x 10 hashtags = $1.80

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