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The History Is Written By The Winners and Here’s Why

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The story is written by the winners! History is not science! Every person manipulates reality and lives in a fictional world.

How can you be sure you will pass on to others what you know? If you can not understand people today, how will you understand those lived at other times, believed in other gods? I think the world is something unrealistic. We all live in one place, in one world, but in fact, each of us perceives this place and this world in a different way.

People just seem to live door to door

In fact, they look at the world with different eyes and each one of them lives in their own world, which, like a glass sphere, separates it from the worlds of others. When one tries to understand the world of others, he does this by breaking it through his own eyes. This breakthrough is not only by faith and knowledge, but it is also and by which person it is.

History is “science” written by people for a world they perceive in their own way. They tell the story of other people who change their minds again. Where is science here? Is there any objectivity in this “science” at all? Besides, the story has always been told by someone.

Herodotus described the ancient world, but according to the Greeks.

If we could see the world described by another person, we would have seen quite different pictures. Even another Greek, if he describes it, will be different. “But stories are written by many people, not just Herodotus. – Unfortunately, most historians replicate each other, creating a seeming reality that has nothing to do with the real world. They often live in the seeming reality invented by them. They manipulate, change, stretch, and think they are masters of reality, but everything they do is just in the field of history. Once the present is far from reality, what about the past and history? The story is written by the winners. Often they tell you things as they want to say it.

Do you still think that history can be science? 

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