The Least Visited Countries By Tourists In 2017

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In 2017, this small country was visited by 77,000 tourists, an increase from 2016 when foreign visitors there were 69,000 people. Thus, Liechtenstein is Europe’s least visited country. Nestled between Austria and Switzerland, you can enjoy a very beautiful scenery and visit the 12th-century Vaduz castle.


The third least visited country in Europe is Moldova with 133,000 tourists in 2017. Here you can see the capital Chisinau, where there are many medieval fortresses, Roman remains and even Paleolithic buildings.

San Marino

Secondly, San Marino is the least visited, with 79,000 tourists in 2017. But a year ago, it is the least visited country on the Old Continent. The historic center dates back to the 13th century, fortifications and fortification towers are among the landmarks that are worth seeing, as well as the square and neo-classical 19th-century basilica in the center of San Marino.


Although it has been designated as the happiest country in the world, it has recently opened to foreign travelers and is a little visited – with only 234,000 tourists in 2017. However, the figure is still record, starting from a base of 14,000 tourists in 2012 year


Only 125,000 tourists here, recorded back in 2014. This is the last data from World Tourism Organization.

East Timor

This is the least visited Asian country – with only 86,000 tourists (and up 62,000 a year earlier). Less foreign visits are only Afghanistan, due to the military conflict there and the warnings of many authorities to the citizens to avoid visiting there. The East Timor Island State was recognized as a marshmallow in 2002 and is the first new country in the 21st century. Its remoteness (Timor Island is located at the eastern end of the Indonesian archipelago near Australia) and the conflicts make it so little visited.


Kiribati is an island state in the Pacific, also very remote. It consists of 33 islands, being the only state in the world that is located both in the northern, southern, eastern and western hemispheres. But there are only 8,000 tourists.


Tuvalu consists of a group of islands in Polynesia – halfway between Hawaii and Australia. Its closest neighbors are Kiribati, Samoa and Fiji. It was visited by only 2000 people.


Montserrat is the overseas territory of Britain, a small island, part of the Small Antilles. The local population is only 5000 people. But the tourists were 9000. The most famous Montserrat is with the volcano Sufferie Hills, which burst in 1990.

French Guiana

French Guyana is the least visited country in South America with 199,000 tourists. It is a French overseas department. On the territory of French Guiana is the Kuru spaceport, from which launches of apparatuses in the European Union space program through the Ariana missiles.


Although it counts as the least visited country in the region, it has had 418,000 visitors. It is also the only English-speaking country in Central America, English is official. Still – it is a former colony and still the head of the country is the Queen of Britain.

São Tomé and Príncipe

It is the least visited country in Africa, with only 8,000 tourists, but according to 2010 data, such as the latest available in the World Tourism Organization. The island state lies west of the coast of Central Africa and is the smallest fully sovereign state


The Middle East is popular for tourists, but Kuwait remains the least visited country in the region with 203,000 tourists. Fewer tourists are only in Afghanistan – 49,000 people, but there is still a civil war.

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