The Most Beatiful Banknote In The World

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The 10-Swiss franc was the most beautiful banknote in the world for 2017, the French press reported.

The prize comes from the International Banknote Association, an association of collectors and specialists, whose goal since 1961 is to promote and stimulate banknote research around the world. Each year, the association handouts the Banknote of the Year award.

The 10-Swiss franc banknote, printed by the Swiss National Bank, was selected as the most beautiful in the world last year. It has a golden hue, and delicate hands of a conductor are depicted on it. The banknote is well protected from falsification.

The 10-pound banknote of the Scottish Royal Bank, with Mary Somerville’s image, is also featured in the race for prestigious honors. Somerville is a Scottish researcher, writer, encyclopedist, mathematician and astronomer.

The $ 10-dollar banknote of the Canadian Bank with its blinding purple hue and the Fiji Islands 7-denomination banknote in honor of its 7-member rugby team, which gave the country the first Olympic medal in its history, also took part in the fight for the prestigious title.

The battle also included the 100-pound Norwegian Crown Banknote (Viking Ship) on it and the 40-currency banknote of the Djibouti Central Bank with a shark in the background of multicolored coral.

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