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The Simplest Way To Build Professional LinkedIN Profile

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What is this?

LinkedIN is powerful social platform with more than 270 million users. Its a place where you definitely need account! This is your digital CV being alive 24/7. One of the best social platforms out there.

Start with the picture

No fake photos, no bad angles, make it to look perfect! Its very important!
This is the first thing people are going to see when they enter in your profile. If its professional photo, they are going to be impressed. Also the picture must be with a serious or a little bit of a smile not a disco picture or from your birthday!

Title under the picture a.k.a “Headline”

Simplicity is important. Just write the most meaningful think that describes you! Examples: Are you a CEO? or a Cooking Chef? Say that in your title!


Its good to be added! The experience is important but the education is appreciated. Yes I understand that you may come from some eastern country with high school that is unknown but even though you cant find it, add some school/university that is close to yours!


This is the place where you must add your email, phone number, website and etc..

Add correct country

Please! It doesn’t matter where you live , even if it seems, not prestigious to write your country! People don’t care where you from but what you can do!


This is the paragraph where you go all in! Create the most valuable text you can ever create! Add as much things as you can, try & fail, don’t hesitate!

Working experience 

Dishwashing, Cooking chef ,Blogger, technician and this is just a part from my story. Add all the experience you have. If you are currently working, mention it.


Got a certificate from high school? or maybe certificate from private english class? ADD IT! I’m repeating it again, add all you got, if it looks amateur, don’t worry, this is you after all and your past. 

How others are doing?

Still confused? Check some celebrities or entrepreneurs, entertainers, etc. People who have profiles and are active. Take a look at their profiles and let that be your example or inspiration for successful LinkedIN account!

In Conclusion 

Maybe its confusing from the start but don’t give up that easy. If you have question about it, you can always send me a message on linkedin. The link is below, you can check my profile and connect with me!

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