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The story of black friday

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The beginning

Originally coming from USA, its the day after Thanksgiving. It is perceived, that this is the day when the Christmas bazaar is starting.

Black Fridays refers to stores moving from a loss to a profit, back in this days the records were handwritten, black ink was for a profit and red ink for a loss.But who decided to make such an holiday? The answers is – retailers , back in those days, many retailers didn’t set up holiday sales until thanksgiving was over.

So black Friday was the perfect way to make the people spend money,immediately.Making a huge parades with Christmas figures like Santa and Snowmen was the way. Apart from making people smile and bring the Christmas spirit ,they figures were loaded with ads to promote the stores.So you can imagine, after the parade, everyone was heading to those brands.

Black Friday was not always the last Friday of November

Yes,Black Friday was right after Thanksgiving but since the beginning of the holiday shopping season,there weren’t many days for shopping.

Back in 1939, President Roosevelt changed the official date of Thanksgiving to the second to last Thursday November instead of the last.Many people were stuck in their tradition however ,so Roosevelt signed a bill to official make Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November.

More than 140 Millions people shop on black Friday, are you one of them ?



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