The Stupidest Youtube Rewind 2018 Video Is The Worst of All So Far

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First let me start off by saying BOI, WHAT D’ F* ?

The same question over and over again, WHO ARE THOSE PEOPLE?

No really? Youtube is on the TOP because of the current biggest Youtuber’s not because of the people with 100k or 1k subscribers. Now don’t get me wrong, they also got contribute to the platform but its not the same. Youtube is what it is today because of all creators not a single one or two.

Fortnite was the core

Okay, fortnite is a nice game, I like it and I play it but it felt like the whole video was around fortnite, 2018 was not all about fortnite… Yes the game is addictive,nice and fun but c’mon really? Should we start searching for a new top game for 2019 so Youtube can have content for the next Rewind Video in 2019?

Where is Pewdiepie?

Again missing, Its unbelievable how a character like Pewdiepie who is currently remaining on the top place of “most subscribed person” is NOT in their video! How is this even possible? The current subscription war between T-series vs Pewdiepie is gaining so much attention on the platform, raising questions about how to the future of personal and corporation youtube accounts will go further.
Something that probably no body expected, a lot famous Youtuber’s joined the fight against T-series, people like Mr.Beast, Markplier, Logan Paul, Jacksepticeye and in the near future probably more will join.

BUT HEY! At Least we got his chair in the video

More people missing 

Did really youtube forgot about Shane Dawson? What about David Dobrik and his team,Jake Paul,Logan Paul, KSI, neither some of the peoples controversies stated here were pointed in the video. Logan Paul’s suicide video and the fight between him and KSI. Those were some of the mainstream moments that happen in 2018 and they aren’t in the video, like it didn’t happen.

Dislikes vs likes & counting(screenshot taken on 07/12/18 – 16:00)


Probably this is what is going to be. Youtube will self advertise. People will hate. The platform will continue making more money, since less and less people watch tv because the attention is moving to the internet. Basically its inevitable. But one thing is for sure and I believe in it. Soon or later there will be a team in which present and ex Youtubers will collide into making a brand new platform that will compete with the current one. 

and dont forget, SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIPIE!

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