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The Successful Way To Reach Your Audience With Email Marketing

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Email marketing is an essential tool for building and maintaining customer relationships. You can create special e-mail campaigns to attract potential customers, engage them, and turn them into happy buyers. Here we offer you a trusted tactic that you can apply and which is based on the following five steps:

  • Targeting
  • Personalization
  • Timeliness
  • Tracking
  • Testing


E-mail campaigns helps the business to establish a relationship with users or companies that are interested in its products or services, creates communication with them and make a sale. 

To begin with, let’s see the three main levels in this type of campaign:

Potential customers – These are people who match the profile of the buyer of the company’s goods or services and have shown interest in the offer through a particular action, such as looking at the brand’s website, for example.

Becoming a customer – They have moved forward in the process of buying,they are no more “potential customers”. The company already has little information about them. They are more likely to turn into paying customers but still is under cosideration.

Pure customer – They are already well-known to the company and have indicated the intention to buy. You need to contact them, answer their questions and make the sale.

The relationship with potential customers can evolve by moving them to a higher level by sending emails with content corresponding to their willingness to make a purchase at certain time intervals. Campaign automation is the basis for their performance, allowing you to get better results with optimal resources. You can use web-based software designed specifically for your business, which also includes a CRM (Customer relationship management) system. Email campaigns can increase your sales by 20%. 

1.Effective Targeting Through Emails
The goal is to make your potential clients feel personal attention and that you understand their needs. Division is an essential tool for achieving it. It divides the target audience into segments based on certain criteria, such as age, location, and interests, to better understand what they are looking for. With more targeted emails, you can increase your sales revenue by 18 times!

2.Personalized content is leading
You don’t have to create great content, focus on what your potential customers will use. When it’s personalized, you have a guarantee of it. Create content that is useful and directs users to solve their problems. It should be valuable to them and if possible, difficult to find from other web/book sources.

3.Send emails at the right time
Experts who have processed the data from ten different studies on this issue have found that the most suitable day for sending emails is Tuesday, followed by Thursday and Wednesday, and the best time is between 10am and 11am, followed by the intervals of 8pm to 12 pm and 2am to 6am in the morning. The last two intervals should not surprise you, most people keep their smartphone on their bedside table and check their messages before they go to bed and as soon as they get up.

4.To get in touch with your potential customers

Send them a series of emails, and here comes the question of what is the interval between them – day, week, month? While in most cases the weekly interval is optimal, it is advisable to test the frequency of emails to determine which one works best for your target audience.

5.Track your email campaign performance data
Keeping track of metrics that are directly related to the campaign allows you to identify imperfections, if any, and remove them. You can also find out which features give you the best results and further develop them. For email campaigns to build relationships with potential customers, it is important to consider the following metrics:

  • Number of open emails
  • Number of clicks on links in emails
  • Number of emails for which no action has been taken
  • Number of users who have refused to receive emails from you
  • Number of potential customers who have become real

Once you begin, don’t stop!
You spend a lot of time and effort in campaign preparation, creating useful content and specifying the timing of sending emails. When everything is ready, it’s time to relax, isn’t it? Nope! Your job is only starting now, because with improvement you can achieve much more. Every aspect of the email campaign to build relationships with potential customers can be optimized. To do this, you need to test.

If an email has many openings but few clicks on the link in it, then you need to improve the content. If someone has few openings, you can test different theme variations to find the best one. Here are the main elements of the email campaign to test:

  • Payment day and time
  • Theme
  • Name of the sender
  • Interval between emails
  • Content type
  • Links

So what are you waiting for? 
Get the necessary web software and data for your email campaign and build it by following the steps abovo. They outline the path you need to go, you can only invent and apply details that are unique to your business and which will target your target audience most effectively. Remember that constant optimization can only produce better results.


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