The Unknown Daughter Of Steve Jobs Is Writing A Book About Him

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Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs daughter announced she was writing memoirs about his complicated relationship with his father. The book Small Fry by writer and journalist Lisa Brennan-Jobs is expected to be released in September this year, writes Fortune.

39-year-old Lisa is a child of Jobs from his student love Chrisann Brennan. Initially, the technology guru, only 23 years old at birth, did not recognize her as her daughter, and even the positive paternity test did not encourage him to do so. At that time, Jobs showed an outrageous cynicism about the possibility Lisa’s being someone else’s daughter.

Later, he apologizes for his words. She gives her name and welcomes her in his world of “mansions, vacations, and private schools.”

The book promises to give a new look to the personality of one of the genius minds of the modern technology industry. Steve Jobs will remain in history as a brilliant businessman and marketer, but it is no secret to anyone that in his personal relationships with people he was more than special.

The curtain to the relationship between him, his daughter, and her mother was opened in 2011 with Walter Isaacson biography. Now, the expectations are that Small Fry will shed more light, from first person.

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