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If You Think In Your Country Is Hot , Think Twice! See The Hottest Places In The World

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The temperature soars up to 50°C on the hottest days of summer. Of course, the Mexicans have their own ways of cooling down like beaches and cold glasses of drinks. People from cold countries often flock into Mexico to soak in it’s the summer heat. The Mexican beaches, know for the white sand and crystal clear waters, are extremely crowded in the summer with people trying to rid themselves of the heat.


The average temperature goes up to about 50°C. The people in the country are on a severe verge of starvation as no food grows due to lack of irrigation. There have been major droughts and famines in the country due to the same lack of irrigation facilities.

8. India

India sees an average temperature of 50°C in the summers in some central, western and southern parts of the country. Although, the winters in India are just as pleasant as unpleasant are the summers. The country receives rainfall and good winters. So the summers are just a temporary thing. But the coastal regions of India like Goa, Kerala etc which are otherwise pretty hot are a tourist hub in the winters.


The countries in the Middle-East from time to time confront summers with temperatures as high as 48-54 degrees. The typical temperature along most times of the year remains additionally above 40 degree Celsius. Like Iran, this country has northern mountains as well where even snowfalls occur in winters. However, whatever remains of the country needs to confront the unforgiving summers.


The Middle-Eastern country faces summers that have temperatures that go over 48°C up to almost 54°C. The general temperature throughout most parts of the year also remains somewhere above 40°C. Like Iran, this country too has a mountainous northern region where it even snows in winters. But in the rest of the country, there is no respite from the hot summers.

5.Saudi Arabia

Extreme temperatures have been recorded in Saudi Arabia and the average temperature in summers can go to about 54°C. The country mostly consists of the Arabian Desert, making it dry and useless for agriculture.


In 1922 the temperature recorded there was 57.8°C! At such a high temperature, one is not ready to work quiet. The Libyan Desert, which covers the vast majority of the land in the country, is dry and bone-dry. So one must not gripe about not having the best extravagances on the planet as there are numerous individuals out there in different countries who are battling to keep a rooftop over their heads while battling this warmth.


Being a desert-land, the country is one of the hottest and the driest countries in the world with an average temperature of 52°C. Desertification is a major problem in the country and due to the ever-rising temperatures. The country now also faces severe droughts and famines, thus putting in danger a large amount of human life, animal life as well as plant life. This country too, receives almost no rainfall at all.


The normal temperature is around 50-53°C with the hottest temperatures being recorded in the area of Salah. The beach front zones are honored with rainfalls however the focal districts are extremely dry.


For almost 5-6 months in a year, Oman’s temperature is around 50 to 53 degree Celsius. Being a rich country, a few offices have been given to the general population dwelling in the country to battle against such extreme warmth.

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