Top 10 Money Making Hollywood Actors

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10. Ian McKellen – $ 3.654 billion

The British actor is popular with two hit roles – Magneto from the X-Men series and Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit. Still, the most profitable movie with his presence is Beauty and the Beast with $ 504 million in revenue.

9. Scarlett Johansson – $ 3.674 billion

She is among the most profitable actress in Hollywood in recent years. The most revenue is from the first Avengers – over $ 623 million in box office.

8. Tom Cruise – $ 3.726 billion

Tom Cruise and his charisma in movie theaters with “Mission Impossible,” the series for Jack Reacher, and now with The Mummy is bringing him solid revenue from every movie.

7. Stanley Tucci – $ 3.758 billion

Most people may be surprised that he managed to beat a popular star like Tom Cruise, but this is due to the big revenue of the The Hunger Games. In it, Tucci plays the role of Caesar Flickerman, the host of the games.

6. Eddie Murphy – $ 3,811 billion dollars

A long time ago, Eddie Murphy could have been identified as the greatest comedian of the day. In recent years, however, his career seems to be stagnant. Nevertheless, the films with his participation have excellent results in the box office. And the most profitable is Shrek 2 – $441.2 million dollars.

5. Robert Downey Jr. – $ 4.725 billion

Tony Stark from “The Iron Man,” and subsequent bands of the recent super hero movies, is the reason why Robert Downey Jr. has been performing at the box office.

4. Morgan Freeman – $ 4.515 billion dollars

Freeman has been such a profitable figure in American films for decades, so it’s not a huge shock that he’s ranked so high on such rank list.

3. Tom Hanks – $ 4.522 billion dollars

He is one of the most beloved American actors, and even accounting confirms it. Bronze honor for Hanks in this arrangement.

2. Harrison Ford – $ 4.871 billion

For decades, Harrison Ford has been among the top earners of the studio. He starred in two major movie series – for Indiana Jones, and as Captain Han Solo in Star Wars. It was the revival of the second series in recent years and the reason for his second place in the box office.

1. Samuel L. Jackson – $ 5.140 billion

Also a favorite of the audiences for decades, Samuel L. Jackson is the biggest moneymaker in Hollywood and the only actor to manage $ 5 billion revenue line of his movies, at least for now.


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