Top 10 Rich Companies Summarized

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Apple Inc. has become the first US company with a market capitalization of over 1 trillion. dollar. The news has sparked strong turmoil among financial media, though for many it has been a long-awaited result, as the company has demonstrated strong growth and good financial performance in recent years.

It is interesting to note that Apple Inc. is not the first company in the world with such an achievement as already in 2007 PetroChina (China) passed the 1 trillion limit. dollar. Subsequently, however, PetroChina shares fell sharply due to the global financial crisis and oil price collapse. At present, PetroChina’s value is $ 206 billion..

The information below is from August 2 , 2018

The top 10 of the largest market capitalization companies are topped up by technology companies and financial institutions. To the value of Apple Inc. Alphabet (Google), and Microsoft are approaching. Facebook is behind the headline after the company reported a 20% drop in its stock price in the last month due to a surprising drop in its forecasts during its latest presentation to investors.

In the Top 10 you can see also:
Berkshire Hathaway – Company created by Warren Buffett
Alibaba – also known as the Chinese Amazon
Tencent Holdings – a holding of technology companies and social networks in China
JP Morgan Chase – Banking and Financial Services Headquartered in the United States
Johnson & Johnson – a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

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