Top 5 Powerful Cities In Europe For 2017

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The ranking of the most influential cities, prepared by Colliers International, ranks cities according to their attractiveness in terms of talent, location and cost, labor productivity, capacity and characteristics of staff, urban living standards, labor costs of the city. employers as well as the security of the state in which it is located in terms of market economy and labor law.

For the second consecutive year, the first place in the ranking is London, followed by Paris, Madrid, Moscow and Birmingham. The expanded version of the study already includes 50 major European cities and provides wider geographic coverage of European markets that are of global, regional and national importance.

Zurich, Dublin, London, Edinburgh, Warsaw

With regard to the city’s workforce structure, Zurich, followed by Dublin, London, Edinburgh and Warsaw, is characterized by the right balance of workforce in the field of modern professions such as IT, financial and business services, as well as those related to technical and scientific knowledge. Many smaller and medium-sized markets fall into this list, and it is certainly not coincidence that for most of them there is also high economic performance. Here are the main Scandinavian, as well as some of the larger German cities. Paris is lagging behind in this regard, due to the large number of positions in the public sector and the administration. Warsaw, which has climbed to the top 5 for the first time, has a healthy mix of roles in IT and technical work positions.

London, Paris, Madrid and Moscow

The foundations of future career development are often placed at a post-graduate level in a higher education institution. There is a strong link between the ranking of cities and the presence of a nearby university. In this aspect, the leader is London. The others with good positioning are Paris, Madrid and Moscow, who are excellent at engaging graduating students in the local economy, unlike Vienna, Dublin and Copenhagen.

Zurich, Stuttgart and Vienna

Quality of life, linked to factors such as levels of crime, access to health, climate, traffic, pollution, is increasing importance, especially for the newer generations. By this criterion, the cities in Germany and Denmark have some of the best results. Munich holds a leading position, followed by Zurich and Stuttgart. Vienna and Utrecht are also ahead.

Helsinki, Copenhagen, Zurich and Stockholm

While worker-related factors do not place the UK in the best light, the opposite can be said of the conditions for employers related to market risk, the business environment, the flexibility of labor law and the level of income tax. In this respect, English cities are at the top of the list. The rest of the top five are Helsinki, Copenhagen, Zurich and Stockholm


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