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Top Cities For Students In The World For 2018

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London is the best city in the world for students. The British capital surpassed last year’s winning city of Montreal and ranked first in QS Best Student Cities Ranking 2018, the Metro reported.

Analysts have asked 50,000 students who had to give a grade about the city they study in and are they going to work after they graduate.

“The 2018 rating highlights the enduring quality of student experience in London,” says Ben Sauther, director of research at QS. “The city enjoys exceptional employment prospects, many world class universities than any other city and enviable lifestyle opportunities.”

Tokyo (Japan) ranks second, and Melbourne’s is on top three. Last year’s winner, Montreal, is in 4th place in 2018, and Paris is in the top five.

The other best cities for students in the world are Munich (6), Berlin (7), Zurich (8), Sydney (9) and Seoul (10).

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