Top Discussed Games on Twitter For 2018 – Summarized

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As it stands at the end of each year, Twitter shared interesting data on the most discussed topics in the social network. Among them, of course, are the ten video games that have enjoyed the most attention in the last 12 months.

2018 Phenomena

Without a surprise, Fortnite is the first. It has become a phenomenon of popular culture with over 200 million registered players. Recently hit a record of 8.3 million people playing at the same time. This shows that the trend is active and rolling, as Fortnite’s players were about 125 million in June. All this has turned Fortnite into the most popular free console game in history. Its iOS version brings about $ 2.5 million a day since it recently launched its sixth season, according to the Sensor Tower marketing company.  Twitter also talks about serious games and developers. In this respect, Nintendo is best represented, and the veteran company has four of the top 10 games in 2018. These are the “Super Smash Brothers” and “Splatoon” Pokemon Super Mario brands. The most shared game post for the year is by Spanish gamer El Rubius.

The complete search for the results of the Games in the year 2018:

“Саll оf Dutу”



“ЕА Ѕроrtѕ Маddеn NFL”

“NВА 2К”

“Ѕuреr Маrіо”

“Ѕuреr Ѕmаѕh Вrоthеrѕ”


“Grаnd Тhеft Аutо”

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