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Wondering who makes the most money in the world? Analyst company TitleMax has created a list of the most profitable companies in the world.

Using company earnings data by 2016, analysts have calculated which companies earn the most money per second.

According to the financial data for 2016, Apple is the undisputed leader with almost twice as high as the second in the ranking. The Cupertino company made a net profit of $ 45 billion last year, with gross profit of $ 84 billion. The market capitalization of the company is close to a trillion dollars.

For a second the company’s profit is $ 1444.

For comparison, the average weekly earnings per US worker is about $ 859, analysts said.

JP Morgan Chase ranks second with a much smaller $ 782.

The third position is for Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway fund with a revenue of $ 761.30 per second.

Fifth is for another technology giant – Alphabet, with $ 615 per second.

Microsoft is seventh and third among technology giants with $ 531.

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