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20 Years ago there was no such thing as Facebook,Instagram or Pinterest. Before 20 Years people had no idea what the future will look alike.Today starting from scratch is very hard. Its always been tough.
But in 20th century we have social platforms that could help you so much into growing,if you use them the right way. This article is about that.


The world’s biggest social media platform is having almost 2 Billions people active every month! Its must have platform!


Instagram is owned from Facebook. More than 800M active people every month! You can use it not only as a related account. In case you have a huge amount of followers you can make money only by posting photos.


If your products include fashion, art, home decor, food, or anything else that you can create beautiful images of, Pinterest should be your go-to destination to drive targeted traffic to your site. And with the Pinterest buy button, you can make it easier than ever to make a purchase with a click of a button.


There is really not that much to say.Everyone knows what is twitter. Every celebrity, famous and not famous human being is using it. Its a perfect way if you have a product and you want to say something. For an example , some emergency post.Simple way to reach the people following you.


Telegram cant compare to the platforms above BUT its very good solution if your product is involving communication all the time. For an example you are developing a game and your audience want to know whats happening all the time. You create a group, post the link and people are starting to join in your Telegram group. None of the platforms above are offering such a solution.

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