Warren Buffet: Money Doesn’t Make You Happy

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We have all heard the old saying that money is not buying happiness, but we often disagree with it.

Well, billionaire Warren Buffett does support this thought. The Omaha Oracle, who has a net wealth of $ 75 billion, is categorical – having more money is not the key to happiness.

Buffett himself admits that he enjoyed more life when he had significantly less money.

In CNB’s Squawk TV show on Monday, Buffett said, “I was not unhappy when I had $ 10,000 when I graduated, but I was very pleased.”

“If you have $ 100,000 and you are unhappy, think that $ 1 million will make you happy, it will not happen,” said the investor.

Buffett points out as an example that when you already have this $ 1 million and look around, you will see people with $ 2 million, and you will lose happiness right away.

“You will not be happier if you double your wealth.”

Do not let the fact how fast you make money, manage your happiness,” says Buffett. And he adds, “You can have lots of fun while you get rich.”

Omaha’s oracle is right. We should never base our happiness on what we can or we feel we should have.

Last year, Buffett admitted that he would be totally happy if he only made $ 100,000 a year. Why? Because he already has an investment that has made him endlessly happy – the house he buys in 1958, and where he still lives.

Although he has wealth that allows him to spend millions for a house, he feels happy with his old estate, and even a $ 100 million house can not bring him to that happiness.

Buffett is right. It’s not about what you think you should have. It’s not about what other people have. It’s about your life now and the journey ahead of you. It’s a matter of gratitude and gratification of what you have.

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