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Website VS Social Page – The Easiest Short Explanation Ever

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Social media are just a tool which we can use to reach a certain group of people and yet not everyone has social networking profiles. 

According to data, the independence a website gives is almost incomparable with the independence one page gives in the social network.

First, because you register a domain it’s on your behalf. This is your digital property that has value. Depending on the site you are developing and what you are doing, this value is rising more and more. Some buy domains and make sites just to develop and then sell the domain. 

By creating the site under your own name, you create a brand. People start looking for the brand itself. While on social networks you can create a page that someone else duplicates. So no one will know who the real is, 

Data is showing that, unlike a domain that can only be bought by one person, everything created on social media is owned by the social media.

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