Welcome The New Avengers Mode In Fortnite

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Avengers: Infinity War Limited time mode is out NOW!

How to become Thanos?

When you jump from the bus, after around 20-50 seconds the gauntled is going to drop randomly in the circle. You will hear voice and sound effects and the gauntlet will be shown on your map so you can easily track it and eventually try to get it before anybody else!

You are becoming a superhero!

When you take the Infinity Gauntlet you will get extra health + shield. You will jump higher,you will look like Thanos (obviously),You can go thru walls and everybody will wants to kill you. 

Trick the system!

Yes, you can do that by jumping out of the bus and just wait in the air ,until you see where the gauntlet will drop

Check the video below:

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