What Is Green Monday?

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We have Black Friday, we have Cyber Monday.But there is also Green Monday.Not many of us, know this shopping event.Its happening in the 2nd week of December.It was restored in 2007 by eBay commemorate the second Monday in December, one of their biggest holiday shopping days. But it’s become a widely-accepted term in the retail industry for shoppers who are logging-on after the weekend, waiting for great last-minute deals.

Green Monday facts

In 2015 it generated $1.4 billion in revenue. Although that was down from a 2014 peak of $1.6 billion, it still represents one of the busiest online shopping days of the year.

Getting prepared

As with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the best way to get the top deals on Green Monday is to be prepared. Stock of items with the best deals will likely sell out quickly, so being one of the first on a retailer’s website is a good start.


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