What To Do If a Snake Bites Us

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The snake poison

It is synthesized in the modified salivary glands and flows into the two hollow teeth. It spreads throughout the body of the bite with the flow of blood and there are two kinds: one affects the nervous system by causing paralysis and the other disturbs the blood flow and causes edema.

The strength of the poison depends on many factors of the environment and the state in which the snake is located and is variable.

What to do if we are bitten?

Before the swelling has begun to form, it is good to remove all the tight clothing and jewellery. We should not cut the bite or try to suck out the poison because he or she can also poison if there is a wound in his mouth. Thus, the wound from the bite is expanding and the condition of the person gets worse.

Cover with a clean bandage while waiting for medical assistance.

The bitten person must stay calm and do not get excited because it speeds up the pulse and the poison spreads fast thru the whole body. If possible, the person should stand in such a way that the bite site is at the heart level or lower – for the same reason.

Drinking alcohol or caffeine can speed up the action of poison.

It is important to try to remember how the snake looks so you can tell it to the doctors and get more qualified help.

How to Reduce the Risk of Biting?

  1. Start with recognizing the Snakes
  2. Be careful where you walk
  3. Wear appropriate shoes and socks
  4. If you meet a snake, just walk away as fast as possible


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