Where The Super Rich People Live?

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New York is no longer the city with the largest super-rich population.

The Big Apple

“Big Apple” is overtaken by Hong Kong, which is becoming the top destination for the richest people on the planet last year, according to a study published by the research firm Wealth-X. The number of people with high incomes living in the Asian Financial Center has increased by nearly 1/3 in 2017 to 10,000, the study said.


According to the company, the increase in the number of ultra rich people in Hong Kong is dictated by the thriving stock market and the growing financial ties with the larger Chinese economy. China’s rapid economic growth over the past decades has helped dramatically increase the number of people in the region with wealth.

In Conclusion

Overall, the United States remains the preferred country for the richest in the world.

10. Osaka, Japan

9. Washington, USA

8. San Francisco, USA

7. Chicago, USA

6. London, United Kingdom

5. Paris, France

4. Los Angeles, USA

3. Tokyo, Japan

2. New York, USA

1. Hong Kong, China

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