Why The Crypto Category Was Moved To a Whole New Website

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The Beginning

I started to get involved in cryptocurrency in December 2017. When Bitcoin was rising in price and everyone was talking about that. Since then I’m a huge fan of the cryptocurrency world and the technology behind it. 

I think blockchain will have huge impact in the future. It’s like people starting to use the internet for the first time. 

This will drastically change the world in the next 10-20 years. I believe the people who jump on the train while is underestimated and start learning the craft will be the people who will rule the internet.

A month later

In November 2017 I created 
I was very passioned to share stories, articles, trending events happening but thru my prism. Most of the website don’t clean the empty talk. They are leaving too much text and is hard to read. Some websites even copy – paste and put one huge raw text and then people have to understand what is the whole topic about. It’s boring.


In early 2018 I created category “cryptocurrency” in and I was seeing rising interest in that category. So in quarter 2 of 2018, I took the big step to invest into my second website 

I transferred all the existing article from the current website and moved them to the new one. (Even though it could put in danger my SEO optimization)


You can check my website at and why not share your thoughts about it? 

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