Work Harder On Yourself Rather Than on Your Work

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The phrase is coming from the well known american entrepreneur Jim Rohn.

The meaning

The meaning of “working on yourself” is basically working on your craft so you can become better artist or business man, entrepreneur and etc.
On social medias, there are people flexing with “work” and leisure. I put work in quotes because the levels of fake working environments are on high levels especially on Instagram. That’s the reason why people look at those “celebrities” and think their own life sucks and they are the people with the bad things happening in life.
From there follows depression and negativity.

Why working on myself and not on my work?

We are getting paid for the value we bring to the company. You are getting hired because you got the skills for the job. Its not about filling the available spots. Value is the most powerful weapon. When you work on your skills you are becoming a skilled person whom people can trust and rely on.

Value vs Working hours

As I said above, you could work 20,30, 40 or even more hours per week but you are getting money because of your working value. That’s the reason why a layer constructional worker are getting different amount of money while working 40 hours a week (approximately)

Time is more important than hours

Even if you make 80 hours weekly for a company, at the end of the day you are exhausted with a little bit more money. That’s how the system works. The financial system is created, NOT serve you but exhaust you!
Focus on learning new abilities so you can build business or go for a company that will pay you more!

The Government is not the reason why you don’t have a job

Imagine yourself as a worker in a shoe factory. You’ve been working your whole life for that business (making shoes) and one day the manufacture is having financial problems and have to fire a few employees in order to survive. Then people like you who make shoes, will go on the street and protest because the government is not protecting them. AND THEY ARE RIGHT! But the fault is your, you are the guy/girl who didn’t worked on yourself in your free time. You decided to sleep or watch movies, play games and etc.

Life is simple.

At the end of the day the wins and loses are personal.

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