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Your Adidas Sneakers Are Created From Robots In USA

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The American super factory of Adidas, called Speedfactory, is already working.

The 74,000-square-meter plant in Cherokee County, Georgia, near Atlanta, is already manufacturing sport shoes using a fully automated digital production process.

The first footwear made by the factory is AM4NYC (Adidas made for New York City), designed specifically for the streets of New York City.

Speedfactory can also make custom-made shoes and custom designs, the company says. Complete automation allows the shoe specifications to change very quickly.

The sports giant wants to create a total of one million shoes a year from its two factories – in Atlanta, as well as the first one in Germany – by 2020.

This number is significant, but it is small compared to the total number of shoes that Adidas makes each year – 403 million pairs of shoes in 2017, or more than one million a day on average.

However, not only the robots are involved in the process of producing the socks. At the moment, about 150 employees are employed in the factory.

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