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Your body has 6 superpowers!

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Did you know your body is containing six super powers? Yes that’s right, its because the human race is unique and everyone can do them.
Well in most cases you will need a some kind of specific training do it.

1.Your body can predict time

If your joints are cracking or squeaking its because of the weather.It is telling you that there will be rain a soon!
The reason is because of the atmospheric pressure.Its causing a drop in all liquids in your body.
This is scientifically proven and can be seen in all ages.

2.Predicting future

On conscious level you cant predict future, not yet.But it seems like in our hearth we know what will happen in specific moments.In one research on the participants were shown different pictures some of them made to cause reactions.The research show that hearth rate has been increasing when disturbing pictures were shown,because people started to automatically to think that something bad will happen in the next scenario.

3.Its showing your love to someone

For most of the people its not a secret that when you love somebody your eyes are getting wide.There is also a well-known sentence “the eyes are the window to the soul”.This reaction is caused by our sympathy nervous system, whenever you look at something you love or like your eyes are getting wide.If you don’t want someone to find out you love him , just stay on place with less light! People always can find out if you lie or no just by watching you in the eyes.

4.Physic superpower

A mother is capable of lifting a car if her child is in danger.This can actually happen.Releasing adrenaline in stressful situations is a real thing.The pulse and your breathing is increasing while your digestive system is stopping working.This is allowing your muscles to gain much more power than usual but only a seconds.

5.To see with your ears 

Blindness is a horrible thing.But your body can compensate for this lack.Every human that has decreased some sense is automatically increasing another.This is exactly what is happening with your ears.You are starting to visualize landscapes , objects , sounds even colors.

6.The time around you is slowing

This is not a Matrix movie, its real!There is effect called “Bullet time”.Lets say for example ,police mans and people with the same kind of job have experienced in risky situations how they literally are starting to think faster and the time around them is slowing.This is brain reaction,our brain is starting to think faster than usual and all around us is starting to look slower.How a pity we cant enter in this condition whenever we want.


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