ZTE and Huawei Are Threatened From Italy

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Italy plans to ban Huawei and ZTE’s Chinese telecoms products to build future 5G networks in the country. Italian newspaper La Stampa reported on Thursday. According to the information to do so, the Italian government is ready to take advantage of its so-called “golden powers” that allow it to withdraw from contracts already signed without having fines, the newspaper quoted Reuters as saying. If these plans become a reality, Italy will join a group of countries that have banned Huawei from using its future next-generation telecommunication networks. This has already been done by the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Huawei is facing international pressure because of its alleged ties to the Chinese government, which, according to the United States, uses the company’s equipment to carry out national and industrial cyber-spying. Authorities in Italy have not commented on the media outlets about plans to ban Chinese brands.

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